motion graphics
dyscalculia: what is it?
Dyscalculia is a life-long math learning disability that is as common as dyslexia (affecting 3-8% of children), but less known. Dyscalculics struggle with seven main skills: 
1) numeracy;
2) pattern recognition;
3) calculation;
4) math working memory;
5) grasping math language;
6) visual space;
7) and measurement.

A short video was made as an informative introduction to this issue. Many parents do not know about this learning disability and may feel frustrated when teaching their children. This video will inform them of this issue, letting them know that there are ways to get help.
project role/
>motion graphics designer 

improved skills/
>kinetic typography 
>layout + compositional design 
>translating research to narrative 
>user experience

tools used/
>after effects 
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