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hex cider
A new cider brand, Hex, is being launched with five flavours—pear and ginger; honey pear; pear and cranberry; apple and spice; and caramel apple. The brand is targeted towards male and females ages 19–27 who are seeking an alternative to drinking beer and are constantly on trend. The brand personality is fun, energetic, extroverted and edgy. Hex has two meanings—to cast a morbid spell on someone or a six-sided shape. The branding is focused on the first definition.

I first started off by thinking of words that relate to hex. It feels scary, mysterious, dark, aggressive and powerful. With that in mind, I decided to create a design that was more edgy and aggressive to communicate this. 

The skull is used to represent the horrific and scary power of hex spells. The crescent and star symbols are also symbols related to hex.The graphic element is created with geometric pieces to modernize the concept to attract the attention of the young target audience. 

The graphic has a rough, scratchboard texture to make it feel like the old style as suggested by the history of hex and spells. The typography is in a handwritten font to make it feel authentic, and old as if the brand has been in the market since forever, therefore trustworthy. I noticed that most of the cider packaging in the store doesn't have lots of texture so this will stand out. 

Black background is used to make the brand feel dark and mysterious. The lighter shade of grey on the graphic creates a sense of mystery. From far away the skull looks scary because it looks like it is missing a piece on the forehead. When the consumer goes close up to it, he or she will see that it is actually a star representing hex. 

The typography for the brand mark is a serif font because it shows that hex spells date back to history. The curvy ornamentation makes it look unique like hex spells. 

The use of bright neon colours for each SKU creates a sense of energy and power.
project type/
>branding (new brand) 
>logo development 

improved skills/
>brand extension 
>hierarchy treatment of type 
>textural experimentation 
>material exploration

soft skills/
>project management 

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