typography + layout redesign
ohip form
The current OHIP form is an overwhelming page with text and unnecessary emphasis everywhere, making it challenging for people (especially new immigrants) to follow along and fill out. In the current design, the front page is cluttered with information, while the back page is half-empty. The challenge was to recreate a design that is easier to follow, while using the exact same content and also maintaining the same number of pages as indicated in the original form.

In order to solve the problem, a six-column grid system, and hierarchy in the text is used to create a smoother navigation. The instructions are also placed beside the questions in each appropriate section so that the user does not have to constantly flip back and forth to see what to do next. Grey is used to indicate sections to be filled in by the ministry. White space was also considered to make the form feel more spacious and less cluttered.
project type/
>layout design 
>compositional design 
>user experience 

improved skills/
>content organization 
>hierarchy treatment of information 
>balance white space with legibility 
>management of grids + columns

soft skills/
>project management 

tools used/
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