packaging + branding design
petits fours
The objective of this project was to launch a product sub-brand under an already existing brand. The sub-brand, Petits Fours, was created for the brand Kellogg's. Petits Fours is a series of pet snacks that contains SKUs for a variety of pets such as dogs, bunnies, cats, etc. Kellogg's is a well-known and trusted brand, making it perfect for targeting new pet owners who are searching for a trusted snack brand for their pets.

The brand name, Petits Fours, was inspired by the French pastry called petits fours. This name was chosen because the product is a special, guilty pleasure treat that is given to pets. The name is also a play on with words where "petits" means "small" in French and "fours" symbolizes the four-legged friends. 

The typeface for the brand mark was designed to be round and look like the limbs of the four-legged friends. The brand mark changes according to each SKU. If the SKU is for dogs, a dog illustration would be presented, whereas if the SKU is for cats, a cat illustration would be presented. The unique brand mark will make the product stand out from potential competitors. 

A resealable bag die-line is used so that users can seal up the product after feeding a few treats to the pet. The pet will most likely not consume the whole bag at once, so the product needs to stay fresh.​​​​​​​
team members/
>Josephine Vuong 
>Dennis Espino 
>Joyce Ong

project type/
>dieline exploration: Josephine, Dennis 
>logo development: Dennis, Josephine 
>store check research: Everyone 
>competitor research: Joyce 
>brand naming: Everyone 
>copy writer + translator: Joyce 
>layout + typography: Josephine 
>illustrations: Dennis 
>design brief: Everyone 
>organization of research pdf: Joyce 
>project management: Josephine

improved skills/
>user experience 
>bilingual packaging 
>sku continuity 
>layout + composition design 
>competitive swot analysis 
>formulating design brief 
>project management 
>group communication

tools used/
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