product design: toy invention
The objective of this project was to design a collectible toy series that is target to children ages 5-8. The toy must be in-expensive, fun, engaging and have a unique mechanism that can be translated into a fun game as well as collectible item. A sizzle or commercial is to be made to showcase the design concept.

As a team, we explored with creating many different simple mechanisms with basic office supplies such as paper, card stock, rubber bands, paper clips, and etcetera. In the end, we discovered that folding a piece of cardboard in half and attaching a rubber band with a criss-cross formation creates a unique, satisfying jumping mechanism. Snapetz is a game in which children take turns flipping their Snapetz with the goal of collecting the most bands. More bands, more power, more fun!
project role/
>logo designer
>photo editor
>motion graphics designer 
>storyboard designer

improved skills/
>layout + compositional design 
>user experience 
>motion graphics
>video editing
>material exploation
>present ideas + give feedback to team

soft skills/
>time managment

tools used/
>after effects 
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